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In an age where technological information systems are easily accessible to everyone, some people are more likely to self diagnose online than spend the time to go to a physician. Granted, a lot of information on the internet is informative and accurate. However it cannot provide a complete or focused physical exam or history, which is where the majority of diagnostic differentials are derived. Online tools can give you a broad idea of what may be bothering you, but they can never be used to definitively diagnose your problem. Our doctors will take the time not only to diagnose and treat you, but to understand your goals in treatment, as well as to help you fully understand the cause, treatment, and likely outcomes of your pathology. We believe that patient compliance comes from patient education, and will not let you walk out of our clinic without all your questions answered. It's those patients that discuss their needs and the realities of treatment ahead of them who have the most successful outcomes. You will not be on the clock here, you will not be ignored, and you will not be just a patient.
A common misconception with pains and aches is that it will get better on its own with rest. This may be true for some pathologies, but a large number of diseases are progressive and will not resolve on their own. This misconception has lead to numerous amputations, drastic reconstructive surgeries, long term pain and immobility, and wheelchair bound patients. Preventative medicine is a practice that prevents onset of disease as well as early detection of pathologies. Our bodies have a very sensitive and specific system to notify us when there is something abnormal; Don't ignore it. Our doctors practice medicine with this belief and prefer to have the majority of our patients for checkups with good news rather than a schedule dominated by chronic pathologies which could have been prevented. When you come see us, you aren't just taking care of a problem you've been dealing with, but also looking out for your future well being. We take the time to identify early signs and markers of possible diseases and pathologies to discuss in detail what you can do to help prevent their onset.
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