Dr. Jeffrey Tseng's Biography

Dr. Tseng began his journey into medicine during high school when he spent his free time setting up charitable works as the Vice President of his community's Key club, a Kiwanis International school program, and as a Big Brother with the Asian Pacific Family Center near his hometown of Walnut, California. As a member of his high school track team, Dr. Tseng also adopted an early appreciation of the function of the foot and ankle in our health and daily lives.

These experiences led Dr. Tseng to pursue his interests at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he spent countless hours volunteering and shadowing physicians of various specialties at the UCLA medical center, particularly podiatrists. He eventually matriculated cum laude with his bachelor's degree in Biological Chemistry and pursued his now matured passion for podiatric medical and surgical studies at the California School of Podiatric Medicine in Oakland, California.

During his studies in Northern California, Dr. Tseng diligently served as the Vice President of the California Podiatric Medical Student Association as well as developed a newfound appreciation for the climate of Southern California. He continued his post graduate training in Michigan at the Southeast Michigan Surgical Hospital (Kern Program) where podiatric surgical residency was first established in the US, and whose alumni list includes the forefathers of podiatric research, publications and procedures. After being trained by the best in his field, he continued his training as Chief Resident at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital where he received additional surgical training from renowned orthopedic, vascular, general, and plastic surgeons in the Orange County. His education also derived from time spent working at the Veteran's Hospital of San Francisco and Palo Alto, Oakland County Hospital, San Francisco General, Detroit Medical Center and Chaoyang Hospital of Beijing, China. Dr. Tseng's three years of training has amassed hundreds of surgical cases, mostly pertaining to the lower extremities making him an expert in all pathologies of the foot and ankle.

He now practices in Torrance, California where he continues to serve the community with as much enthusiasm and sincerity as if nothing had changed since his high school days.
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